Rapid Injection Molding and High Quality Injection Molds

Rapid Injection Molding
Injection molded parts in as little as one day, but to Rapid Molds and to our customers rapid injection molding means so much more than simple prototype plastic parts.  Rapid Injection Molding includes highly accurate molded parts, sometimes including complex geometry that requires advanced molding features like slides, lifters, collapsing cores, direct hot-gates, multi-stage ejection and unscrewing inserts/cores.  Additionally our customers often need high volume production and secondary operations like pad printing or sonic welding, all within a compressed schedule.  Rapid Molds can deliver on this and so much more.  So, if you need simple prototype plastic parts in days or large quantities of complex parts in a few weeks, you’ve come to the right place.

Rapid Injection Molded part by Rapid Molds

Bridge Tooling
Bridge tooling can provide enough production to get your factory going, satisfy early sales orders or solve a problem with an existing product. Production volumes range from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands in just a matter of weeks.  We can provide production or transfer the bridge tools to your molding facility.

Rapid Molds bridge tooling for rapid injection molding

Quality Injection Molds
Build accurate, high-quality injection molds in record time then transfer them to your approved or captive molding facility for your production requirements.

Custom Injection Molding
With remarkably fast lead-times, Rapid Molds provides accurate multi-cavity hardened steel tooling and custom injection molding to manufacture millions of parts.

Rapid Injection Molding in our highly automated clean facility