About Rapid Molds

We have been providing rapid injection molding for over twenty years.  Our process has no self-imposed limitations.  We do square corners, undercuts, internal and external threads, over molding, insert molding, multi-color and multi-material molding.  If it can be accomplished in custom injection molding, we probably have done it, but quicker than your traditional molder.  With decades of experience and a proven track record RapidMolds.com and RapidMolding.com are second-to-none in providing rapid injection molding and rapid tooling services.  We offer quick-turn injection molds for very simple to very complex parts.  From thousands to millions of parts, all in days or weeks, not months.  We utilize ultra-high speed machining and no-polish Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) to manufacture the highest quality rapid molds.  If you are interested in high-quality parts delivered on-time, on-budget, without sacrificing your design intent in the name of fast or cheap, you’ve come to the right place.

RapidMolds.com uses ultra high speed machining for manufacturing rapid injection molds
RapidMolds.com uses no-polish EDM used in manufacturing rapid injection molds
How We Do It