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On-demand manufacturing of real injection molded prototypes and high volume production.

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No more missed production deadlines. No sacrificing quality to fit your schedule. No long term expenses that pile up. Just on time, every time high quality parts.

30+ Years Of Service

Rapid Molding has been providing rapid injection molding services for over 30 years! With tens of thousands of successful projects in our portfolio, we are the first and last partner you'll ever need.

Best Pricing

One of the greatest barriers to injection molding is the high price of the mold itself. We provide several options to lower you capital expenses including free molds for high volume projects and low cost prototype molds.

Trusted By Thousands

When you need high quality, injection molded parts for a reasonable price, we are the partner you can count on. This is why our customers keep coming back, over and over again.



  • Upload your CAD data.
  • Provide the specifications for your project.
  • Get a detailed quote.


  • Use your quote to finalize the details and improve your design.
  • Submit your order.
  • Our team will get to work on your project right away.


  • Your order will be delivered on time and at the quality you expect from Rapid Molding.
  • We’ll keep your molds for you.
  • Order more parts whenever you need them.

About Rapid Molding

Rapid Molding, formerly Rapid Molds (RapidMolds.com), began with an idea, to cut mold build lead-times in half.  In 1993, that simply meant high-speed machining, better EDM technology and optimized manufacturing routing (no part of the mold sits idle, until it’s complete).  Additionally, we considered all options for every project, like proprietary mold systems and 3D printed cores and cavities.  Over time the pursuit of lower costs and shorter lead-times drove us to employ improved high-speed machining techniques and faster, more precise machining equipment.  Additionally, we developed no-polish EDM techniques and worked with our support network for specialty components and custom mold bases to improve their lead-times.

Today we offer a full range of injection molding services that utilizes these three decades of experience to deliver everything from prototype injection molded parts to high volume custom injection molding, all with greatly reduced lead-times and competitive pricing.  

As pioneers in the rapid injection molding industry, we’ve used our research to develop faster, lower cost methods for manufacturing injection molds. Our relentless pursuit of process optimizations reduces human labor, resulting in industry-leading delivery, cost efficiency, accuracy, and tool life. Experience the Rapid Molding advantage — your shortcut to faster, more cost efficient injection molding.

Please, Judge Us By The Company We Keep


Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our clients have to say about us!

The team at Rapid Molding is amazing! They helped me improve my design to produce better results with injection molding versus machining and 3D printing. We are already working on our next project with them!

David Entreprenuer

As an engineer, precision is everything. Rapid Molding not only delivered the desired accuracy, they did not require making changes to my parts. That was a huge advantage over the previous prototype molder.

Chris Sr. Mechanical Engineer

At first I wasn't happy to have a new vendor pushed on me by our engineering department, but after 2 years of on time deliveries with zero quality issues, I have added Rapid Molding to my preferred vendors list. Thank you John!

Lisa Purchasing Manager

We've been working with Rapid Molding for nearly 10 years. They're so dependable that this has become our standard process for getting to market quickly.

Mike Dir. of Product Development

We've used Rapid Molding on several projects in the past few years. They're our secret weapon for projects on tight timelines. They make us look good!

Christian Industrial Designer

We've run several projects through Rapid Molding since 2016. I've yet to find a mold maker/molder that can meet our early R&D needs, then roll straight into production, all within budget.

Tom Design Engineer

We started using Rapid Molding because they could make our parts quickly without compromising our designs and at a fair price. We've come back because they are dependable and the quality is excellent.

Erik Product Manager

I send all my plastic parts to Rapid Molding for prototype molding and/or bridge tooling. I get accurate parts for testing and the price is right. Plus their bridge tools often satisfy our production molding requirements.

Daniel Mechanical Engineer


Yes, in 2023 we changed our branding to better reflect the full-service nature of our business, which is building rapid molds and providing rapid injection molding services.

Rapid Molding prides itself on swift turnarounds.  Typically prototype injection molding lead-times are are 1-4 weeks.  Whereas bridge tooling and production tooling lead-times can run 3 to 8 weeks depending on the size and complexity of the parts.   In general, we deliver production molds 50% to 70% faster than industry standards, ensuring your projects hit the market without unnecessary delays.

Absolutely! We have decades of experience with complex molding projects.  We are well equipped to handle even the most intricate molds. We've successfully tackled diverse projects, providing precision and efficiency for both simple and highly complex parts.

In our process, there is no tangible difference in the parts.  Some prototype molders may take shortcuts, like rounding off corners or eliminating water lines in the mold in an effort to reduce costs.   We do not make these compromises.

Bridge molding utilizes a bridge tool to accomplish low to moderate volumes of molded parts quickly and cost efficiently.  There are small sacrifices in tool longevity with a bridge mold versus a production mold, but often times a bridge tool has more life than many projects need (300k+ cycles).  Whereas rapid production molding spares no expense when it comes to tooling and is therefore the king of low cost, high-volume production injection molding.

Nothing, the term "tool" is a broad term that could refer to many different tools or dies, but in our process it is interchangeable with the term "mold".

Our preferred 3D CAD format is STEP, as it imports into all of our CAD/CAM/CAE software smoothly.  We can also accept IGES, IGS, STP, X_B and X_T, but we must have actual 3D CAD to provide accurate proposals or provide a molded product.

Yes, 2D drawings in PDF format are acceptable for inspection and communication purposes, but cannot be used as a substitute for the 3D CAD formats listed above.

No, due to the limitations in accuracy associated with this file format it is not a viable option for building injection molds.

Yes, we have provided plastic product design services for over 30 years and have engineers on staff that are very knowledgeable about injection molded part design.

If you need assistance with 3D CAD creation or modifying your part design for better results with injection molding, inquire with your CSE (Customer Service Engineer).